FrUn Featured Member: Marc Fuentes, Fractional CMO

What is your full name?

Marc Fuentes

Please share a brief overview of your professional background and your current role as a fractional leader.

I use my IP to help founders and CEOs of startups achieve product-market fit and execute pragmatic go-to-market plans.

What do you consider your strengths?

My IP. I leverage my experience working across different industries with my expertise to help organizations communicate their unique value to their niche audience.

What inspired or led you to pursue a career as a fractional leader?

To educate founders and new CEOs about what marketing is, why you need it, and how to unlock its potential in their business for success.

How do you determine if a fractional engagement has been a success or not?

Learning | PMF | Revenue Attainment | ROI Focus | Help Hire their First Marketer

Fractional leadership often involves working with different industries and teams. How do you adapt to new environments, and what have you learned from these diverse experiences?

Setting the right goals and engagement process.

What advice would you give to professionals aspiring to become fractional leaders?

Get immersed in the unique area you can help and go all in. Be the de facto expert in that area for that type of customer in that type of business struggling with X.

Where can readers learn more about you?


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