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In fractional, community is everything. (John Arms)

Separate but connected. A lesson on community from the mighty Aspen Did you know that a stand of Aspen is considered the largest single organism on earth? Whether their leaves touch or they stand 100 yards apart, they are connected by their roots. Connected by their roots. Here we are as a society, motoring well past the post-pandemic, new normal life, with only a slightly clearer picture of how our future work selves will come into shape. Will we return to the office? Will we stay remote? Is remote good for us? Is it bad? Will we work Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday, and work from home Monday and Friday? Is AI going to replace us all? Are mass layoffs coming? (Again) And what's this Fractional business everyone is talking about? What did Bob Dylan say? The answer my friend is blowing in the wind. Fair enough, Bob. Say, I don't suppose you can tell us which way the wind is blowing by any chance? I have a sense of the direction the wind is blowing. I think we hunger for community

The Ultimate Guide to Great Sales Leadership - After Meeting 4,000 Sales Leaders in The Past 25+ Years (Henning Schwinum)

Having navigated the trenches of sales leadership for a quarter of a century, my perspective on what defines exceptional sales leadership is, by my admission, assertive and dogmatic. This unwavering conviction is the culmination of my extensive tenure as a sales leader and the founder of a Sales Leadership business , augmented by my experience selling into sales and marketing organizations. My philosophy on leadership was initially shaped by those latter interactions: setting meetings with VPs of Sales and Marketing, meandering through their office spaces to conference rooms, and engaging with various team members. Observing their interaction with technology and their cultural dynamics provided me with a tangible sense of the environment fostered by the leader at the helm.  Sometimes, the culture was so compelling I could envision myself thriving within it; other times, I found myself yearning to exit hastily. The pursuit of greatness is a universal endeavor. This quest transcends prof

AI’s Unique Advantage for Fractional C-level Leaders (Matt Thoene)

Step into the dynamic world of a fractional C-level leader, where the ability to swiftly navigate and influence multiple business landscapes is key. Here, Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn't just a tool, it's a game-changer providing a strategic edge that's tailored for the unique requirements of the fractional leadership model. The AI Revolution in Fractional Leadership Fractional leaders are called to action in situations that demand rapid assimilation and impact. AI is the catalyst in this scenario, offering insights and analyses at speed. For fractional leaders whose tenure with each company is inherently limited, AI's ability to quickly parse through data becomes not just advantageous but essential. In supply chain optimization, AI's advanced algorithms can present a fractional leader with a comprehensive view of logistics and inventory issues across different organizations, enabling them to apply best practices from one scenario to another with ease. Customer b

Fractionals United Is One Year Old Today! (Karina Mikhli)

Last year today, I had this crazy idea. I had just come back to being fractional,  found it harder and lonelier, and didn't want to do it alone. When I couldn't find a community for the sake of community, I decided to see if there was interest in one. And as the chart demonstrates, there was definitely interest. But I can't take sole credit for this amazing growth. Yes, it's my community and vision, and yes, I optimized it for ease of entry, but I happened to be at the right place at the right time. And fractional is only going to continue growing. You may wonder what this means for the community.  A few things will remain constant: FrUn will continue to be free and open to current and aspiring fractional leaders; FrUn will continue focusing on community, and as such, prioritize connection, collaboration, and learning from each other; FrUn will continue to partner with those in the fractional ecosystem that provide other needed services for fractionals. And a few things