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The 4 Customer Success Puzzle Pieces: A Fractional Executive's Approach

In the intricate world of Customer Success, success is akin to assembling a complex puzzle. Each piece represents a crucial aspect of delivering exceptional customer experiences, and it takes a seasoned eye to connect them effectively. As a Fractional Executive specializing in Customer Success, I've had the privilege of working with companies to identify and implement a comprehensive approach, connecting the four key puzzle pieces: Mechanics, People, Communication, and Development. Piece 1: Mechanics Mechanics form the foundation of any Customer Success strategy. This piece involves the nuts and bolts of your processes, systems, and tools. Here's how it fits into the bigger picture: Aligning Processes: Fractional Executives ensure that your processes align with your customer journey. From onboarding to support, each process should seamlessly contribute to customer satisfaction. Leveraging Technology: The right tech stack can streamline operations. Fractional Executives help id

Hiring a "Force Multiplier": The Affordable Solution to Scaling Your Company Profitably

  In the bustling late '90s, a conversation that would set the stage for 25 years of helping myriad CEOs transform and scale their companies took place. Sitting in a client’s office, we were deep into pitching the execution phase of a strategy development project. Gordon, a serial entrepreneur who had successfully navigated the tech boom of the '90s, paused, sat back in his chair, and said, “I’ve been on this path before. Your team is fantastic, but I don’t just need a consultant; I need business-card-carrying, employee-badge-wearing ally, fully invested in my vision.” That's when my partner, a 30-year C-suite veteran of a multi-billion-dollar high-tech company, leaned in and threw his hat in the ring, promising full dedication. Gordon was skeptical, “You'd be a force multiplier, but we can't afford your expertise on our current budget. The board would not allow it.” We were not talking "fractional" back then, but the essence was the same. The conver

Control Your Destiny

I love the phrase "control your destiny." When I tell a startup to do this, I mean "get to cash flow positive" because, at that point, they could theoretically survive without future external capital. And if they choose to raise more capital to pursue a strategic opportunity or grow more quickly, they can do so on their own terms. In other words, they are free to make the choices they need to make that are the best for their business. So I was intrigued when I saw a fantastic post from Y Combinator that aggregates advice for startups from a bunch of different VCs. One of the one-liners is "most companies don't die because they run out of money," which is likely true, but getting near cash out and getting forced to either raise at ugly terms or getting acquired at a low valuation, while not death, is also not a pleasant situation and no way to live! It's literally the opposite of controlling your destiny. So how do you control your destiny?  Big pi

The Dynamic Duo: Sales & Marketing

Even superheroes sometimes have a business to run! In the epic universe of business, sales and marketing are two superheroes, each with their unique powers. But like any iconic duo in the comic world, their combined strength is where the real magic happens. Marketing: The Signal in the Sky Just as Gotham looks to the Bat-Signal in times of need, the business world relies on marketing to send out its beacon. Marketing is the hero that crafts the narrative, ensuring the world knows of the impending product or service. With tools like captivating campaigns, compelling content, and meticulous market research, this superhero ensures that the citizens (potential customers) are aware and eager. And the stats back up its superpowers: according to ZoomInfo, when sales and marketing team up , businesses can soar with a 20%+ annual growth rate. Sales: The Heroic Rescuer Once the signal is in the sky, it's time for our second superhero to swoop in. Sales, with its charm and persuasive prowess,