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The Emotional Intelligence Playbook for Fractional C-suite Leaders

In the ever-evolving landscape of corporate leadership, the role of fractional C-suite executives has emerged as a dynamic and influential force. These leaders, who lend their expertise to multiple organizations on a fractional basis, face unique challenges and opportunities. Among the myriad skills required for such roles, one stands out as particularly crucial: Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Unlike traditional, full-time executives, fractional leaders must quickly adapt to new environments, understand diverse team dynamics, and build trust rapidly—all tasks where a high EQ is not just beneficial but essential. In this blog, we delve into the transformative power of EQ in the fractional C-suite, exploring how it shapes leadership styles, impacts organizational culture, and drives success in these unique roles.   Understanding Emotional Intelligence in Leadership   When I first encountered this concept of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), it struck me as a vital, yet often overlooked, aspect

A Game-Changer for Scaling Small Companies

A few years ago, the head of a portfolio of five waste management companies faced a significant challenge. Larry's $5M industrial composting plant was losing money, and he realized his operations manager could not orchestrate a turnaround. He knew he needed a senior level executive who could drive operational excellence and be a role model leader for his young team. However, the prospect of hiring such an executive raised financial concerns for Larry. Then Larry was introduced to a game-changing concept: fractional executives. These are senior level executives who offer expertise and leadership to a number of companies on a limited basis, bringing a wealth of experience and strategic acumen without the commitment of a full-time hire. This model offers not only cost-effectiveness but also remarkable efficiency. Initially skeptical, Larry sought an example to understand how a fractional executive could benefit his organization. “You, Larry, are a fractional CEO yourself,” we explain

Don't Skip the Strategy: How a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer Can Save You Money and Help Your Business Win

Throughout my marketing career, I have met many people who are experts at developing a solid marketing strategy. They are founders, engineers, architects, physicians, restauranteurs, and when I talk to them about their commercial strategy, they can wax lyrical for hours. Of course, I am being facetious—they are not marketing experts, they just think they are.  So many business leaders I have met throughout my career mistake plans or actions for strategy. They possess in-depth knowledge about their product, industry, and maybe their customers but all too often they dive headfirst into planning and execution before addressing key strategic questions.   • What are we trying to achieve?  • Why will my customer care?  • What will make them choose me over my competition? As a strategic marketer, I often get brought into companies to help them grow their business, launch their product or to turnaround a stagnant business. Often, they have hired a junior person to manage their social med