Optimizing and Moving Forward: A Farewell (For Now) to the Fractionals United Blog

When I launched Fractionals United 17 months ago, having a blog to share opinions and content, which could then be reposted, was a well-established practice. To make it more sustainable and diverse, I decided to make it community-sourced rather than purely about my own thoughts.

Now, after 17 months and 69 posts, I believe the blog has served its purpose. We have developed other channels for sharing and content, so as our communication strategies evolve, so must our approach.

Those who know me well (and those who have heard John Arms speak of this) are aware that I wear a bracelet with the word "optimize" engraved on it. This serves not only as a reflection of my personal philosophy but also as a constant reminder that there is always room for improvement.

What is valuable today may not be as valuable tomorrow. The optimal approach to any task today may require adjustments in the future as variables change and priorities shift. Recognizing this, it is time for FrUn to further adapt.

So, for now, this is farewell to the Fractionals United blog. Please continue to follow our LinkedIn page, where we will be sharing future opinions and content.

As always, thank you for your support, and here's to the next chapter of our journey together.


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