Fractional Leaders: Giving Small Businesses a Leg Up (Emily Britton-Arnold)

Behind the scenes of small businesses all over the world, is a movement that is changing the face of executive leadership. Fractional C-Level management is here to stay and is growing at an accelerated pace.  

What does this mean for small businesses? For the first time, small businesses can hire a C-Suite leader without the revenue to carry a full-time salary.  Let’s peek at the numbers. 

 I’m a Fractional Chief Operating Officer. A full-time Chief Operating Officer can cost a company around $350k per year or more depending on experience and industry. A Fractional Chief Operating Officer will cost roughly 1/4 of that (not to mention the cost savings of benefits). The benefit a small business, especially a startup, reaps from the rewards of having a Fractional Chief Operating Officer on staff is innumerable and vastly outweighs that cost. You’re bringing top-notch leadership and strategy into your business—the same leadership and strategy that a company with 10x your revenue has—with the knowledge and experience to lead you to exponential growth. This has never been available before Fractional Leadership.  

Before this movement, CEOs would fight and scrap their way to a revenue goal that would allow them to bolster a team that would grow with them. You wouldn’t likely hire someone of this caliber until you'd reach at least seven figures. Now you can reach seven figures faster with this guidance already on board and do it with a partner, so you aren’t carrying the weight alone. 

When you hire a Fractional COO or any other leader, you hire someone who is 100% your leader. They suit what you need, allowing the ceiling on your revenue to be lifted faster than ever before.  Opening the door to Fractionals will change the fabric of your business. 

 Are you open to a conversation?


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