FrUn Featured Member: Mark Phinick, Fractional Sales Leader

What is your full name?

Mark Phinick

Please share a brief overview of your professional background and your current role as a fractional leader.

For Series A and B AI/SaaS startups struggling with enterprise sales, I coach Account Executives to empower their customer champions on how to effectively sell internally and manage the impact of change. The results are increased conversions, deal value, and recurring revenue, freeing sales leaders to focus on broader strategy and operations.

What do you consider your strengths?

Enabling founders and sellers on how to help clients improve their business.

What inspired or led you to pursue a career as a fractional leader?

Enterprise SaaS deals aren't progressing, denying clients increased efficiencies and vendors the revenue needed for growth. I've dedicated my "encore career" to helping SaaS startups empower their client sponsors to sell internally to win, freeing sales leaders to focus on strategy and operations.

How do you determine if a fractional engagement has been a success or not?

Increased conversions, deal value, and recurring revenue.

Fractional leadership often involves working with different industries and teams. How do you adapt to new environments, and what have you learned from these diverse experiences?

Nearly all enterprise SaaS deals possess the same characteristics, stakeholders, and processes, all of which are constantly changing. I help empower champions to translate solutions into the language of the C-Suite and navigate obstacles and gatekeepers.

What advice would you give to professionals aspiring to become fractional leaders?

Differentiate yourself by focusing on how you'll help your clients improve their business.

Where can readers learn more about you?


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