Hiring a "Force Multiplier": The Affordable Solution to Scaling Your Company Profitably (Pete Palermo)


In the bustling late '90s, a conversation that would set the stage for 25 years of helping myriad CEOs transform and scale their companies took place.

Sitting in a client’s office, we were deep into pitching the execution phase of a strategy development project. Gordon, a serial entrepreneur who had successfully navigated the tech boom of the '90s, paused, sat back in his chair, and said, “I’ve been on this path before. Your team is fantastic, but I don’t just need a consultant; I need business-card-carrying, employee-badge-wearing ally, fully invested in my vision.”

That's when my partner, a 30-year C-suite veteran of a multi-billion-dollar high-tech company, leaned in and threw his hat in the ring, promising full dedication. Gordon was skeptical, “You'd be a force multiplier, but we can't afford your expertise on our current budget. The board would not allow it.”

We were not talking "fractional" back then, but the essence was the same. The conversation evolved, and Gordon realized that with just a third of a full-time COO’s time, he could harness the full spectrum of my partner's extensive experience, steering the company to strategic growth.

This conversation lays bare a dilemma many CEOs still grapple with daily: how to scale profitably in a fast-paced arena without taking on exponentially more risk (and cost).  

Across today's business landscape, seasoned executives can act as "force multipliers," offering their rich repository of insights and strategies on a fractional basis; adapting to multi-generational, diverse, and, notably, remote workforces; and injecting fresh perspectives and vibrancy into the organizational fabric. They are not mere strategy executors but visionaries molding organizational triumphs.

A fractional executive shares your ambition, intertwining it with a commitment to continuous learning and employee development. Imagine having a strategist by your side, recognizing the paramount importance of nurturing talent and fostering a growth culture, and spearheading initiatives grounded in the constantly evolving realities of the work environment.

Joining your team, they intuitively link employee engagement with overall well-being, crafting positive work environments that echo throughout every corner of your business landscape. It's about leadership adeptness that nurtures a culture where people thrive, consistently offering their best, day in and day out.

A fractional executive becomes a true "force multiplier," adept at navigating the corporate ship through unexplored waters with strategic foresight. Leveraging meticulously crafted performance metrics, they carve pathways to success, converting insights into actionable plans, and steering towards objectives with a composed mind.

During an 18-month stint as Gordon's Fractional COO, my partner established a fractional leadership team, introducing a CSO and a CFO, each costing just a third of a full-time executive's salary while bringing a plethora of experiences to the table. As growth ensued, these fractional roles gradually transitioned to full-time positions, evolving naturally with the business expansion.

Recalling Gordon's journey showcases the transformative power and fiscal prudence in embracing a fractional executive approach. A force multiplier at the helm can steer your business towards a future rich with untapped potential, seamlessly integrating experience with adaptability. It is an embodiment of strategic foresight meeting executional brilliance, offering a harmony of wisdom, commitment to employee development, and adept adaptation to workforce dynamism, all at a fraction of the standard cost.

Are you a CEO who’s ready to experience unprecedented growth with a visionary at your steering wheel, forging uncharted paths and building untold legacies? Remember, it’s not just about guiding your enterprise to success, but elevating it to unmatched heights in a landscape replete with opportunities.

Take a decisive step: explore the synergistic power a fractional executive could usher in. Set your voyage of transformation in motion, backed by a "force multiplier" steering you in a landscape of limitless possibilities.


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