A Birthday, a Milestone, and a Launch (Karina Mikhli)

Fractionals United turned a month old this past week, and broke 200 members that day. 

And tomorrow we launch on Product Hunt, so please check us out and share.

We also had our first meetup this past week and it was really great connecting with some of the members beyond slack. We realized collectively that we're actually pioneers revolutionizing the future of work since we strongly believe that fractional work is the future.

And here's why (or at least one of the many reasons why).

I started reading Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter by Liz Wiseman. If you haven't read it and you're a leader, I highly recommend it. 

The premise of the book is that there are "leaders" who need to be the smartest in the room and diminish those around them, and there are others—the "multipliers"—who bring out the best in everyone they work with. (There's a lot more to it, but I'm summarizing and keeping it high level.) Multipliers are essential when resources are constrained since by motivating the team, they inspire them to give their best.

In a world where businesses are struggling, hiring fractional leaders makes sense because to be fractional, you either figure out how to multiply your resources and team, or you don't get to be fractional for long.

And speaking of fractionals, I promised last week to introduce the generous fractionals who've volunteered to help me keep building this community. The volunteer leadership committee has actually grown in size, so I'll introduce you to a few at a time.

Name: Jenn Smyth-Whelly
Fractional Focus: B2B SaaS
What you enjoy most about being fractional: Flexibility while still being embedded in a team

Name: Will Simpson
Fractional Focus: COO/Change Leadership
What you enjoy most about being fractional: The diversity of clients and people keep it fresh and exciting!

Name: Chris Seidensticker
Fractional Focus: CFO/COO roles with pre-seed  to series C+ consumer tech, creator economy, and web3 startups
What you enjoy most about being fractional: It gives you superpowers! Solving a problem or executing on an opportunity at a company that you can then immediately apply those learnings and lessons at one of your other companies.

Name: Sam Wehbe
Fractional Focus: CRO/COO/CMO/CCO/CSO
Getting to work with many startups wearing different hats and solving different problems


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